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REmade bag.

Transform in yourself.

Real Leather Contest 2021

REMADE Bag comes from re-model,

re-work, re-novate.

My project was inspired by the combination of opposite materials and hand craft.

Leather and acrylic - In my point of view, the combination of natural and artificial materials makes the design fresh, contemporary and desirable.

Handbag is made out of natural leather and fluorescent acrylic.

The combination of classic material as leather and modern acrilyc makes it demanded by younger generation.

This is a transformer bag. It is possible to choose and match the color of acrylic, handle and bodice.


According to your mood or the place where you are headed, you can build the bag and combine the colors.


The design of the bag gives us a solution how to reduce by-product which goes to waste, such as number 3 hides. The leftover materials are cutted and sewed (or glued) into a stripe, which later is developed into a leather strip.



- Bio leather (Tômtex/Bolt Threads)

My goal was to use the #3 hides.

In my point of view a huge number of these 40% of wasted hides fall on defected hides, such as #3. Luxury companies purchase only high level quality hides and leather, what leaves us with “imperfect”.

They are difficult to sell so they end up on a landfill.


Due to my design, almost all of the leftover defected pieces could be possibly used. The defects such as holes, cuts, scratches and scores can be easily avoided and all the rest leather sewn or glued together in a long stripe for further work. On each bag the leather rope will be woven and develop non-recurring pattern which will be unique for each bag.

Technical drawing
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