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When I was a child, my mother was a seamstress, and I would constantly ask her to sew or knit new outfits for my dolls, although I didn't enjoy dressing the them but I was in love watching the "birth of the creation". I would come up with the ideas, and my mother would bring them to life. 

During my time at my first university, studying philosophy, I started working as a freelance photographer, capturing street style for an online magazine called Look At Me. It was something new and unseen in Moscow at the time, brought by our mutual friends who were studying in London. In the 2010s, Moscow blossomed and became vibrant with new colors and ideas: new-rave music, fashionable and affordable brands started filling the city, and I found myself in the midst of it all. 

I enjoyed dressing up in vintage shops, but something was always missing, so I would modify clothes to suit my taste. We would attend parties as if they were fashion shows, a sort of “show-off moment of glory”.

After moving to Italy, I had plans to finish my university degree in international management in arts & entertainment. However, due to an unforeseen family tragedy, my world was shaken, and I reassessed my life decisions. The transience of life hit me hard. I enrolled in NABA without any preparation or artistic background. During my studies, I wanted to know everything I wanted to extract all knowledge out of school and absorb everything. I graduated from university with 95% marks of 30 cum laude, ranking the top student of my year. This long way of becoming a fashion designer was worth it.


During my studies, I was in constant search for my own style, and finally, I can proudly say that I have found it. It is a symbiosis of femininity and power. It's quite dark and slightly mystical, filled with strength and meaning. It celebrates a woman.


Being a woman has never been easy: sometimes we feel weak, misunderstood, and vulnerable. I wanted to give a woman back her power without losing her soft side.

My name is Anastasia Kozlova.
and this is my story.



This is who I am.


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Based in

Milan, Italy

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